What to Expect

Never worked with a tutor before? Here’s a brief outline of how it goes…

  1. Ring Cate on 0490-508-335 to discuss your student’s needs.
  2. Schedule a free initial 15-minute consultation with tutor, parents and student.
  3. The one-hour tutoring sessions will look something like this:
    • Cate and student will meet in the student’s usual homework location (dining table, study desk). Student should have all necessary equipment and papers ready to go.
    • Parents are expected to remain in the home during the tutoring sessions. We have seen great success with parents being an active partner in their students’ learning plans, so overhearing the session can set parents up with some great tools to use through the rest of the week. This also assists the student with maintaining accountability for goals and deadlines.
    • Depending on the particular needs of each student, lessons and coaching will generally focus on achieving deliverable results and meeting defined benchmarks, whether it be for school-assigned tasks or for additional remedial and/or extension projects. Each session will therefore end with a plan for upcoming goals and expectations.
  4. Payment is expected at the end of each session unless otherwise arranged in advance.
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