What to Expect and Policies

Never worked with a tutor before? Here’s a brief outline of how it goes…

  1. Ring Cate on 0490-508-335 to discuss your student’s needs.
  2. Schedule your first 60-minute consultation with tutor, parents and student.
  3. The one-hour tutoring sessions will look something like this:
    • Student should have all necessary equipment and papers on hand. This may include recent schoolwork, reports, marked assignments or assessments.
    • Depending on the particular needs of each student, lessons and coaching will generally focus on achieving deliverable results and meeting defined benchmarks, whether it be for school-assigned tasks or for additional remedial and/or extension projects. Each session will therefore end with a plan for upcoming goals and expectations.
  4. Payment is expected by electronic payment or in cash at the end of each session.

Tutoring Environment Policies

Parent Involvement: Parents are welcome to leave, or to stay and observe tutoring sessions. We have seen great success with parents being an active partner in their students’ learning plans, so overhearing the session can set parents up with some great tools to use through the rest of the week. This also assists the student with maintaining accountability for goals and deadlines.

Meeting in Public: Tutor and student can meet in a community location (such as a public library). Please note that start and end times must be promptly observed, as other students are likely scheduled immediately before or after. Please return to collect your child on time. We cannot be responsible for your child whilst engaged in the next tutoring session with another student, or after the closing time for the location.

Meeting in the Home: If your tutoring session is scheduled to take place in the student’s home, we have a strict policy of requiring a parent to be in the home at all times. Tutoring will only take place in a common area such as a dining room or lounge (not in a bedroom or in an area with a closed door). Please ensure that an appropriate area with a well-lit workspace is available.

‘Alone with a Student’ Policy: In this day and age, it is common practice for a teacher, coach or tutor to take precautions against any possibility of accusations of inappropriate contact with any student. As such, we will not, under any circumstances, tutor in the home without an adult present, drive a student home, or be otherwise unobservable during our tutoring sessions. Of course, we understand that situations may arise where the parent may need to leave the home briefly, but if that occurs, the tutoring session will need to end at that time, with the full hour payable. No exceptions.

Cancellation Policy: Absence due to illness should be texted/called in as soon as possible to avoid the fee. ‘No Shows’ will be assumed at 15 minutes past the scheduled start time, with the full hour payable. Arrangements for school holidays can be made by agreement.

Waiting List: Due to the limited day/evening hours available to families of school-aged children, it’s possible we may struggle to accommodate a new student. We appreciate your understanding if we ask you to consider an alternate time slot, but rest assured that existing students will not be moved from their agreed slot unless mutually convenient.

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